Should You Get Checked: 3 Common Symptoms of Neurodegenerative Disease

- Should You Get Checked: 3 Common Symptoms of Neurodegenerative Disease

featured3 - Should You Get Checked: 3 Common Symptoms of Neurodegenerative Disease

The trouble with neurodegenerative disease is that it will end up affecting every single part of life in general—not just your own. So we highly believe that people should be more aware of any symptoms that they should be looking out for.

Loss of Inhibition

One of the biggest factors of polite and functioning society is the rules of propriety that we all follow. When there is someone in your life that otherwise adhered to these rules but then suddenly seemingly started to disregard them, you may have something to worry about.

It starts small but can be quite drastic. For example, we tend to forgo the use of pants in our own homes. If someone or you thinks its perfectly okay to take off your pants before you sit down to eat at a restaurant, there might be something neurological going on which can affect the behavioral response.

Loss of Coordination

While there are people that are naturally clumsy, the loss of coordination due to neurodegenerative illness is truly disruptive and drastic. For example, a person cannot use their hand to grip an object. Hand-Eye coordination is important to do a lot of things in our life like driving or even writing.

The thing about loss of coordination is that it is easy to pass it off as something that happens because ‘you’re too tired’ or ‘you lack sleep’. So if you or someone around you tells you that you’ve been highly uncoordinated lately, you may want to go in for a checkup.


Otherwise known as a convulsion or a paroxysm, a seizure is normally attributed to a surge of neuron snaps in the brain. They are usually depicted as little lightning bolts in different part of the brain. Seizures usually involve uncontrollable muscle spasms and even rapid eye movement. Those that suffer from seizures must go in for an immediate checkup as this is a clear indication that there is a neurological condition that needs to be addressed.

Seizures can happen to anyone and should be taken seriously.

To Conclude

Neurodegenerative disease comes in many forms so it would be important to get checked if you or anyone you know start to showcase any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned above. Early diagnosis helps to determine the preparation of a person and their family regarding this difficult period of time.

Which symptom of neurodegenerative disease are you familiar with?

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