Our Advocacy

- Our Advocacy

Hello and welcome to Neurodemcy MRU. We are an online organization that is dedicated to Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research.


  • Dementia is not an inevitable part of life – not everyone gets dementia but this does not mean that everyone is that lucky.
  • Dementia is not only about loss of memory – those that struggle with dementia do not just forget things, places, names, and faces. Those that struggle with dementia also deal with extreme confusion, delusions, and even some severe hallucinations.
  • Dementia affects people all over the world – it is estimated that nearly 50 million people in the world are afflicted with dementia. It does not discriminate.
  • Dementia has no cure – so far, all the focus has been about suitable sedation or medication that helps deals with symptoms.
  • Not much focus is given on further research – while there are more campaigns about dementia awareness, not much investment is given over to actually fully researching it in order to find a cure. Most common research is how to make the symptoms less or to at least suppress them.

Dementia is an ailment that still requires significant research and we are here to lend our voices toward it. We do not just speak on behalf of those suffering from Dementia. We also speak for further research regarding Neurodegenerative Diseases. So many lives and families are affected by such issues and there is very little that has been done so far.

Join us as we advocate for further research. Join us and let our voices be heard.