Beyond the Now: Why We Need Further Research

- Beyond the Now: Why We Need Further Research

featured6 - Beyond the Now: Why We Need Further Research

As you may know, Neurodemcy MRU is quite dedicated to advocating for further research for dementia and neurodegenerative diseases. Today, we wanted to elaborate further on why. As of present, less than three percent of government allocation for medical research is given to neuropathy.

Public Funded Care Is Too Expensive

What a lot of people tend to think is that a person who suffers from dementia or other neurodegenerative disease must have someone they can rely on. We always think of caring family members or even friendly and professional institutions that families put the afflicted in. While this is true for some, this is certainly not true for all.

Those who do not have anyone to care for them are usually handed over to the social care system. Countries like the US and the UK both have institutions in place to take in people who do not have anyone to care for them. In the UK alone, the cost is nearly billions of dollars. This will eventually harm society as a whole as the amount needed to fund public care will eventually be too much.

We Need a Cure

Presently, there is hardly any large effort toward finding a cure or fully understanding what these illnesses are. We need to better understand where this illness is coming from. What starts it? How do we effectively prevent it? How do we help those that are already diagnosed with it?

Most of the focus is developing better medicine to curb any pain or to better sedate those struggling with neurodegenerative diseases. Of course, these medications are highly expensive. Is this why we still don’t have a cure? It is because pharmaceutical companies are so busy trying to make a profit that they realize that there is no profit to be made in finding a permanent cure?

To Conclude

Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases affect millions of people all over the world. Countless of lives are torn up by a disease that continue to ravage minds. How many is acceptable until is too much? How many lives should be affected by these until we all galvanize and really push for further research?

We hope that you join us in raising our voices until we have enough pressure to obtain what we want: further research. With everything that we’ve discussed today, we want to know what you think. Why do you think we need further research into dementia and neurodegenerative diseases?

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