Ranges Alzheimer’s Disease or Vascular Disease

162207-166832Dementia is not a type of disease, so it has no specification it is just an overall term that describes a lot of symptoms that ranges Alzheimer’s disease or vascular disease. Sometimes the doctor cannot determine what type of disease that is slowly eating in my uncle’s brain and all they say it is dementia. And what does dementia do? It all starts some common little things. You forget to take your keys; you don’t know where you put your wallet, those kind of small things. In time the disease is working itself by killing some of the neurons which affected your memory or movement.

There are a lot of things that we don’t know about with these diseases, and these diseases are so complex that dementia has many types and doctors found it difficult to pin it down. So, as you continue to keep reading this, you will notice that there are a lot of information that will find around here that will help you learn more about the condition that is found in your head. You might discover new facts, stories and of course people giving advice to cope, whatever it is that you’re looking for you are on the right track.